Friday, March 7, 2008

Pickle Fry Scissor Paper

I have been dropping by the studio once and again, not nearly enough as I should. I worked on some small illustrations today, a pigeon and a pencil and a pickle. Sat in my chair for a bit and swiveled around while staring at the white walls in front of me. I'm not quite sure what my studio is still missing but I definitely think it needs something to make if feel more at home. Not that it isn't conducive to a work environment right now, it just would be more comfortable if I could figure it out. Hah, maybe its just finished art that would help! No news on my comic so far, a few pages are done but nothing seems to be coming together as a whole...something is missing again! I've been doing more collages than anything else, and I'm not sure why I don't sketch more often now, it seems the craftier side of me wants to come out, and I am more interested in scissors, glue, paper, and rulers than I am a simple pen and paper. Maybe it is just a natural shift I am making to want to do something more constructive, or maybe that is just the default once you hit a creative block. Shifting gears and going into raw material mode.

pickle_fry frog_smokepigeon_linespencil_eraser