Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Review Ever!!!

I sent a copy of my comic to Optical Sloth, a blogger who reviews mini-comics and zines for a living I suppose (which is pretty cool), and he reviewed mine. Go read it, yeah!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pigeon-Toad Comics: In Store Now!

I officially have my comic on sale at Bluestocking Books in Hillcrest!

This is really cool, because it is an independent bookstore that is located right in the heart of the 'good' shopping area, adjacent to that great vintage store "Wear It Again Sam", (for those of you who know the area).

It's only 3 bucks so go pick up a copy and then I can feel cool by having to come in and restock their supply with more Gubba comics! I am beginning Issue #2 shortly, which will be released in January some time, so keep an eyeball out. The show went so well last night that I very much would like to display art there again...and hopefully that will be in the end of January, which, I can time perfectly with the release of the next issue! High hopes on my part of course, but I have to keep my mind working or else my talent gets rusty.

PooFlyFrog And BowlerDumpRoachThree

Friday, November 23, 2007

Gubba Art Show!!!!

mini-flyer for show

ALSO featuring the art of: Brandon Bullen, Jesse Gammage, Ryan milner, Tyler Alderson, Garry Booth, Ash Thorp, Mike Knife, and Hydeon.
AND featuring music by: Motel Monster, Shrunken Wool Sweaters, Mira La Luz, and Henari Nannon

Presented by Community Work Effort ( and Mixed Media Gallery/The Kava Lounge

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanksgiving at Mane's house was delicious. thanksgivingPlease note Sake reading one of my comics in the corner...
Today I am focusing all my energies on finishing the Dumproach painting for the show on Sunday, procuring a decent stack of cute business cards hand drawn by me of course, and deciding whether or not I shall attempt a third piece for the show. I need one more canvas if I am to attempt painting the Fly in his stinky glory, so I will get a one tommorow and see if I can try to complete a third piece for the show on Sunday.I really ran out of time so quickly, I hardly recognized it going by. I was quite focused on my comic, and am still mostly excited about that at the show than anything else I am doing. Most of my friends have read it so far, and the reactions make me happy, so I am hoping the general public will find it just as enjoyable/amusing. So, off to the studio to paint and get frustrated and then blotch it all out...then get some coffee and start over.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lizard Gubba in Action

Just playing some sports, you know, the cool kind. Mikey made a special little video when he captured sight of me in the wild at my friend sake's house

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pigeon-Toad Comics

Pigeon-Toad Comics: Issue Number One is officially done. Enjoy 8 pages of twisted humor drawn by the one and only Gubba.


How do you get your hands on this little guy? Well, if you are one of my friends, you have probably got one on the way via post. If you are a stranger and would love to get one, here is how you should do it:

Mail me 3 (that's right, just three!) US dollars to:
PO BOX 122735
San Diego, CA


Come to the KAVA LOUNGE (2812 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA), SUNDAY NOVEMBER 25TH at 7PM and get it yourself. It will be a group show with music and art. I will be debuting the new comic, and featuring some new guoche ink paintings as well. A flyer will be posted soon.

And last, some thank you's....
Lee Lavy via TardCore Comics: for helping with layout stuff by flipping through pages of alien nudity and disgust Trista: For sewing together my first rough draft and thinking my cartoons are funny in the first place Mikey: For all of the suggestions, especially making me redraw the first turd to make him even better Joey: Not letting me get away with the first version of the cover totally sucking, and for being cool all the time Storm: For not letting you see the comic until it was done - it made me want to finish it faster....and Kinko's for totally screwing me on the pricing. Yeah!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

thinking of a name...

The comic is almost done, I finally thought of a name for the comic, but not for the issue, if that makes any sense. I'm going with "Pigeon-Toad Comics" as the name, and the issue....well I am just not sure what to name it. I've made lists among lists of the key words of what my art reminds me of, or inspires in me, like this for example:
poop/butts/smoking/creatures/characters/tubes/cute/kawaii/socks/gestures/animals/cockroach/dump/ dumping/piles/junk/yard/junk/heap/junk/stink/smells.....
Yup. And once I really think super hard maybe it will come to me. Well it better damn well come to me because the deadline for the comic is about 2 weeks from now, so I better figure it out. I would give a sneak preview again like before but I am just so excited to present it as a whole piece of something rather than....piece it out before its done? Alright!
Also it smells like pork chops in my house because I just made some really good food. Maybe I should add 'pork' to my list because that's pretty funny to me also.