Monday, December 17, 2007

New Studio & A 15 Minute Pigeon

I know its been a while. Yeah. Lame. But at least I've been doing some cool things right? Like for example, renting a new studio workspace!


It is right smack in the middle of downtown, so on late nights I can walk to my studio through the bustling crowds of loud women in short skirts and drunken men sporting Chargers jerseys. yeah! It is a pretty good size for me and what I want to do, I've even set up my record player in there and everything. The other night I was painting a watercolor of a pigeon to the sounds of Billie Holiday...what a great way to spend an evening yes?

"Holiday" Vacation is coming, so there will be another short break in my blogging, but I will surely post one more happy gubba delight before I fly out to eat ham and mashed potatoes (mmmmmm).


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