Friday, January 11, 2008


Hi. So my Flickr account kind of screwed me over. I set my photos to private on Flickr, and then reset them back to Public that same day, and any photo that was set to private is now a non-function "This photo is currently unavailable" big white block on all of my blog posts practically. There isn't any way to fix it other than resetting all the HTML coding, which I won't because it would take too long. So now my blog looks awful, and to top it off I really haven't posted anything fun and exciting lately!
Well I'm in a band called Braaaains, and thats pretty cool. I play electric bass guitar, and there is a singer, drummer and crazy rock n' roll guitarist. We have our first gig ever on January 25th at the "Icehouse", it is just a big empty looking shack-ish type building with the faded words "ICE" on the front, because apparently, one could go there in the past to Anyway, it is in North Park, across from the new late night eatery "Commonwealth Cafe" and a little further down from that hipster pizza spot "Lefty's". There will be three other bands, and art from all the artists that rent space in the shack-turned-roomy_studio. I don't even know what time it starts yet....
So that's the latest news. I am no where near even beginning the next issue of Pigeon-Toad Comics #2 which is so utterly lame I dare not even attempt to describe how lame I feel, and I have been currently working on an acrylic painting of a pigeon on a 24" x 24" canvas. My new studio is lovely, wonderfully spacey, perfect.....and yet I only go there maybe two times a week at $195 a month in rent! Good lord! What is wrong with me?
Perhaps part of the problem is my new obsession (well, old obsession reborn) with selling things on Ebay. Want to go see what I am wasting my time on these days? Click Here:
I go to various thrift stores, rummage for an hour or so, select the best and most stylish items, take pictures of them, upload them, edit them, post them to Ebay, and then check the Ebay sight every ten seconds to see if someone has bid. It's kind of like a really bad addiction of something really dorky. So I've been setting limits on myself on how much time I should actually spend on Ebay, as silly as that sounds, and trying to get back to the studio!
Phew! That is the last two months of my life, approximately.


stormko said...

I've always felt like <3 looks like a hard dick & balls, as opposed to a heart.

starberry said...

i think it's supposed to be kissing lips, not a heart.

Shelby Gubba said...

i've always thought of it as a heart, back from the days when i used to actually IM in high school.